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Storage and Moving – A perfect Match

moving and storage

We’ve said this before. Moving can be one of life’s most stressful events. But like most things in life, if you plan ahead, you can make things a little easier for yourself. Once you know you’re going to move, start planning – time can move quickly and you want to avoid feeling stressed.

There are several excellent moving checklists online designed to help you decide what belongings you should keep with you for your move. The rest, you will need to decide if you want to throw away, give away or sell. And when you decide to keep more stuff than you want in your new place, Zoom Zoom Storage can provide a great storage solution.

Depending on how fat your wallet is and how much time you have, investigate having a moving company move your stuff. It will eliminate a tonne of stress. Then, to take it one step further, clearly mark your items with notes that show where they are heading with coloured markers. Colored sticky notes can be another alternative to help tell you at a glance what your plans are for a particular box or item. Although, they tend to fall off.

Self-Storage can play an important role in this game of moving residences. Especially when you have just sold your place and need to move out, but you haven’t found a new place to call home. Many people in the Markham, Thornhill and Brampton area store their stuff with us while they search for a new place to live.

There are other reasons of course. Maybe you have inherited some fancy old furniture or even received some extra-large presents from a loved one that you don’t know where to put just yet. The best place for stuff like that is in a climate controlled self-storage unit at Zoom Zoom Storage.

Whatever your reason, give us a call to find out how we can help you store your stuff. 🙂

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Keeping Memories Or Creating Clutter: What To Keep From Your Childhood


I know exactly what happened. You recently came across a box full of old memories. Maybe it was intentional, maybe it was by accident. But when you found that box of old stuff, the nostalgia was incredible. Maybe even a little overwhelming?

Our childhood heirlooms have the incredible power to take us back to a time when life was much simpler and different.

A Cluttered Childhood: Cleaning out Old Belongings

We cherish these belongings for their intrinsic value. You can’t put a price on them. And parting with them? Forget about it. So we store them. Either at home or in a self storage unit at a local facility.

Deep down though, we wrestle with the idea that not every memento should be kept until the end of time and we are faced with the inevitability of either giving them away or throwing them in the trash.

What Should you Keep?

We tend to keep things that we know we can pass on to future generations, especially if they have been in the family for a long time. But what about stuff like aged high school and college clothing or old posters or even love letters from that guy or girl from 25 years ago? That stuff probably better belongs in a second hand store or the dump.

Its an emotional journey but there are two questions that will really help you as you decide what to keep and what to throw away:  Does this item create clutter in my home? And will the memory remain if I simply take a picture of it?

There’s no need to fill your house with items that you can take a picture with your iPhone. If the picture can suffice, then take your shot and send the physical item to the trash!

And if the idea of that is just too much, maybe storing it Zoom Zoom Storage would be a great way for you to keep the items for a little while longer until you decide what to do with them 🙂

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Win a $50 IKEA Gift Card This April

IKEA Gift Card

April is here and we’re excited to help you get ready for spring. IKEA has lots of ways to help you get organized. We want to help you make that happen by giving away a $50 Gift Card at each of our three convenient locations this month.

All you have to do for a chance to win is come by our offices and fill out a ballot. Winners will be announced at the end of the month.

Good luck and happy spring cleaning!


Zoom Zoom Storage is Simply Self Storage At Its Best. Visit www.zoomzoomstorage.com to learn more.

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Unbelievable Self Storage Finds


In Canada and the United States, abandoned storage lockers are often sold in auctions. Some of them blind. Despite not knowing what they are buying, buyers have turned up in crowds to try their luck. Every once in a while, we hear stories of incredible self storage auction finds. Below are a few of the most outstanding ones that we know of…

Mayan Artifacts – $7,000

In 2004, a junk removal company stored away a cardboard container from a storage locker, hoping to get to categorizing and disposing of it eventually. Later, they discovered it contained the statue of an ancient Mayan god!

Aretha Franklin`s Wardrobe – Unknown thousands

Aretha apparently forgot to keep paying for one of her Michigan storage lockers, causing dozens of her iconic outfits to hit the auction block. Even smaller items like hats went for hundreds of dollars.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle – $20,000 (if real)

One story that keeps buyers coming back is the tale of someone finding a $20,000 Harley behind some boxes in a unit that they paid $25 to acquire. Although repeated by many blogs, we have not been able to find the source of this story to verify whether or not it is true.

Knight Rider – $50,000

Knight Rider, the self-aware Pontiac Trans Am from possibly the cheesiest television show of the 1980s, was rediscovered in a storage locker in Britain.

Literal Pirate Treasure – $500,000

Yep, X marks the spot. People cleaning out a storage locker in California found a box of actual Spanish doubloons from somewhere in the 16th or 17th century.

Action Comics #1 – $2,000,000

The most valuable comic book in existence, Action Comics #1 features the first ever appearance of Superman. Nicholas Cage lost track of his copy and later recovered it from his storage locker.

Bugatti Type 57 – $8,000,000

The Bugatti Type 57 is a handcrafted French sports coupe from the 1930s. Only 710 were ever produced, putting it among the top ten most expensive cars in the world.

Recently, when cleaning out his hoarder uncle’s storage unit, a British man discovered a Bugatti Type 57. He later sold it at a French auction.

Michael Jackson Unreleased Tracks – many millions (pending lawsuit)

When Michael Jackson’s family accidentally foreclosed on a storage locker a few years ago, they lost a trove of expensive memorabilia. This included tapes of unreleased recordings, autographs, and clothing items, and could be valued in the millions. However, the sale of these items to the public has been delayed due to a court battle between the purchasers and the Jackson estate.

With finds like these, its no wonder self storage auctions are so popular!

See you soon 🙂

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Make Room For Holiday Guests

guest room

No guest wants to feel like they are intruding when staying in your home. But when you have people sleeping in cramped spare bedrooms that have turned into storage spaces and home offices, they can’t help but feel that way.

There is a quick, easy, affordable solution that you can implement before this holiday season, and that is to temporarily clean out your spare bedroom by moving your possessions into storage. Choosing to store your property in a self storage unit like Zoom Zoom Storage will give you the blank slate you need to create a guest room that your friends and family love.

Tips for Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

1. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on new furniture. You can pick up a bedside table and dresser for free or very affordable prices on Kijiji, Craigslist or Varagesale.

2. Get a folding bed for guests to sleep on. Folding beds are both inexpensive and multi-purpose, making them a great investment for your home. If it ever doesn’t fit the look or function of your home, you can move it into your self storage unit at Zoom Zoom and you can store it until it does.

3. Don’t forget the decorative details. Make your guests feel at-home with matching linens and curtains, scented candles, flowers in vases, and a few pieces of wall art.

4. Help guests feel pampered by providing a thick robe, nice towels and some brand-new slippers in their room.

To return the room to its former functionality after your guests have gone, simply empty the self storage unit and use it to store your guest room furniture.

Zoom Zoom Storage is your holiday helper to make room for guests. Bet you didn’t know that!

See you soon!

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4 Self Storage Features You May Need


In order to protect your items while they’re in storage and have access to them, there are four self storage features you should ask about before renting your storage unit.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate control is fundamental when storing items that are particularly susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity—things like electronics, photos, paper documents, antiques, and musical instruments.

Without climate control, temperatures that are either too hot or too cold could lead to the development of rust, make paper items fade and buckle, and warp or crack equipment with wires and electronic screens. Furthermore, if there’s too much humidity in the unit, mold and mildew could grow on your items.

24-Hour Access

Our schedules can change in the blink of an eye, so it’s nice to have a storage facility that allows us to access our storage items whenever we need them. For people who have hectic schedules, nontraditional work hours, or who have to drive several minutes out of the way to get to their storage unit, having 24-hour access is a must. When you have those moments when you need to grab something from your storage unit in the dead of night or early in the morning on a Sunday, 24/7 access is awfully handy.

Security Features

If the security of your items is a concern when using self storage, you need a facility that’s equipped with modern-day security features.

With gated access (that is, sliding gates that are electronically operated and require codes or keycards for entry), there’s a level of protection for your items that you can’t get with a regular storage facility. That’s because people can’t just waltz up to the facility and get in.

A facility that has video surveillance and an on-site manager is good, too, as they reduce the chances of theft. The same goes for units that are alarmed. That way, if someone tries to break in to your unit, the facility operator or manager will be alerted immediately. Don’t forget—if potential thieves can see all of these technologies around the facility, they will be less tempted to try to break in.

Drive-Up Access

Especially with heavier loads, you’ll want to rent a unit at a storage facility that has drive-up access. This means you can drive your vehicle into the facility, park in front of your unit, and reduce the amount of walking needed to carry items to and from your storage unit.

Lucky for you, Zoom Zoom Storage offers all of these features. Come on by and visit us and you can see our facilities first hand 🙂

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving Your Stuff Into a Storage Unit

storage locker

Storing items during a move can be a balancing act. You’ve got the movers on one hand and the storage facility on the other. Everything has to come together just right or you’ll run into big—and potentially costly—issues. Here’s a look at the top five mistakes people make when moving things into a storage unit and tips on how to do it right.

Mistake 1: Not Knowing What the Movers Will Bring on Moving Day.

Before renting a storage unit, get a clear answer from the moving company about what type of vehicle the movers will be using. Many companies use moving trucks, while others use everything from a trailer pulled by a pickup truck to an 18-wheeler. Verify the vehicle type then get the dimensions—width, length, height, and weight at maximum capacity.

Mistake 2: Not Finding Out Whether the Moving Truck Will Fit.

Now that you know what type of moving vehicle that’ll be used, you need to ensure that it can get into the storage facility and to your unit.

If you’ve ever been to a storage facility, you’ve probably noticed some areas can be a little tight. Storage facilities make money renting out space, so they understandably maximize the number of buildings and units. This can result in tight turns and becomes challenging to navigate, especially for 18-wheelers.

If you find out on moving day that the vehicle won’t fit in the facility, it usually means two things—both of them bad. First, a shuttle truck may have to be used, which costs more money. Second, the movers will be forced to touch everything twice, doubling the chances of something going awry.

When considering your storage options, ask about clearance heights and widths for getting into the facility and to your unit. You’ll also want to find out how trucks access the property and whether there are any load maximums. Use the truck dimensions provided by the movers to figure out whether you’ll have enough space.

Mistake 3: Not Giving the Movers Unloading Directions.

Professional movers are the expert unloaders, but you’re the boss on moving day. It’s best to let them know how you want things arranged in the unit before unloading begins.

It’s especially important to speak up if you want to move around and look for certain items later on. This takes some thought and planning before the unit starts getting filled. Aisles will need to be created and boxes will need to be arranged so that all labels are visible. You should direct the movers whether you want furniture to be stacked.

Mistake 4: Not Securing Enough Space for Your Stuff.

It can be tricky figuring out how much storage space you need. If your belongings are already organized and boxed up, this is easier to determine. But when in doubt, get advice from the facility. If you cut it too close and your belongings won’t fit, you’ll have two options:

  1. Check with the facility about renting a second, smaller unit for the overflow.
  2. Return the overflow items to the moving truck and take them to a family member’s garage or friend’s attic.

If you’re not sure everything will fit into your storage unit, line up one of the two options above in advance. Having a backup plan will reduce stress and minimize cost, particularly if the movers are working by the hour.

Mistake 5: Visiting the Storage Facility When Everyone Else Is There.

Typically, people move their things into or visit their storage units on the weekends or after work on weekdays. This might be the only time that fits into your schedule, but if you’re paying movers by the hour, you could cut down on the cost by moving during work hours on a weekday when fewer people are around.

Until next time 🙂